Proposal Ideas: Your “How to” Guide

Proposal ideas: balloons with "marry me" on them

We are often asked if we have any really special or exciting proposal ideas that are sure to elicit a “Yes!!!!” to the big question “Will you marry me?”. Well, I guess the first thing to point out is that we are jewellers. What we do best is make beautiful, beautiful engagement rings! We are
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Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle's engagement ring a three stone ring

Of course the week could not go by without mention of the big news of another royal engagement. Although only announced this week, apparently Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle a few weeks ago whilst they were in Prince Harry’s home in London (Notthingham Cottage at Kensington Palace). And she accepted! So the big question
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Celebrity Sapphire Engagement Rings

Stunning sapphire and trapezoid diamond cut engagement ring

When we think of an engagement ring, many of us immediately think of a diamond ring. Why? We have probably all been influenced by the powerful DeBeers marketing campaign that tells us that “diamonds are forever”. A sapphire ring is a beautiful, unique alternative to a diamond ring. A well chosen sapphire is the foundation
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Engagement Rings in Hollywood

"Simplicity" Emerald cut solitaire.

Every now and then we take a look at what are the latest rings being worn by Hollywood’s stars. Why? Engagement rings in Hollywood can be a source of design inspiration, seeing what the latest fashion trends are, and of course we all love a bit of gossip! And this week, as we often see
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Celebrity Engagement Rings

"Manuella" Asscher cut diamond halo ring.

Why look at celebrity engagement rings? Well, they are usually pretty gorgeous rings, so why not appreciate just how fabulous they are? Apart from that, when you have your engagement ring custom made, you can draw ideas from all the ring designs that you have seen. This is the best way to create the perfect
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