Custom Made Engagement Rings

Custom Made Engagement Rings at Workshop Prices.

Custom made engagement rings are our speciality. Our incredibly talented jewellers hand craft all our rings at workshop prices.  We choose not have an expensive retail shop and do not employ sales staff. Every ring you see on this website is the end result of a design process undertaken between our jewellers and our clients. When you come to see us in our studio workshop in Melbourne, you are talking to a real jeweller. The jeweller who will be making your engagement ring.

Having your engagement ring custom made is not only a great experience, it is fantastic value for money too. Many are surprised to learn that our custom made rings are actually cheaper and better quality  than the ready made rings you find in retail shops. You will only pay the amount you need to  have your ring made exactly how you want it.  Instead of us blowing our own trumpet, you can read real reviews from people who have already been down this road with us.

Custom Made Engagement Rings To Suit Your Budget

As we custom make all our rings, every ring you see on our website is a photo of a client’s ring that is now on their finger. As a result, the diamond selections were specific to each client’s available budget at the time. Because the cost of diamonds varies vastly, even within the same grade levels, it is not a matter of one price for each design .

By selecting a different size and quality of diamond, we can adjust the final cost to suit many budgets.  We can in most cases do this and retain the essence of the design as you see it on the website. This is the beauty of custom made engagement rings. You are not restricted to the diamonds and designs of the ready made rings that you see in retail shops. This is very helpful to know, especially when you are in the early stages of looking for an engagement ring.

Prices for rings on this site for some rings can start from $4,000. However, most would fall into a price bracket between $7,000 – $15,000 and over. It is a simple reality that diamonds of size with precious metals cost quite big chunks of money.

Knowing your budget helps narrow down the possible options and assists us in finding the most suitable size and quality diamond for your engagement ring. If you are really not sure where to start, make an inquiry. It costs nothing to Ask Ellissi.

Work Directly with our Jewellers to Select a Great Diamond.

Every ring we make is the result of collaboration between yourself and our jewellers. This begins with an education about the many issues involved in diamond grading and great diamond selection. Diamond selection is complex.  There are many pitfalls and rings tend to be very costly. So when spending your money it is a really good idea to feel confident about the skills of the people you are dealing with.

At Ellissi, we cut through all the jargon to help you to understand what is important in diamonds. Our jewellers use their experience and expertise to arrive at superb diamond for you. With your new found knowledge about the world of diamonds, you will see how our careful process produces outstanding results.

Work Directly with our Jewellers to create a ring that is unique.

All our clients have the benefit of working directly with the jewellers who will be making their engagement ring. Together, you can decide upon the design you like best and add ideas into the ring design that are unique to you.

Our jewellers have been making engagement rings for many years. At last count we had a combined total time in the jewellery trade of 70 plus years. This experience really counts when it comes to producing a great quality engagement ring. We use traditional jewellery manufacturing techniques and track down diamonds from all over the world. This is important if you want a well made ring with great diamonds. A ring that will stand the test of time that you can pass down for generations to come.

Our workshop is a family run business.  After decades of working with cutting houses, we have many contacts with the best diamond cutters in the world. We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide and the outstanding results we produce. Superb hand crafted diamond rings, all custom made at workshop prices.

As you can see from our site, we have created some stunning custom made engagement rings, using the most beautiful diamonds. I think you would agree the results speak for themselves, as do our reviews.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Ellissi if you have any questions or would like to begin the process of having your unique engagement ring custom made by our jewellers.

Custom Made Engagement rings by Ellissi's jewellers in our studio workshop in Melbourne
Ellissi’s jewellers hard at work hand crafting diamond engagement rings