Men's wedding rings

Countless designs are possible for men’s wedding rings, but generally most men seem to prefer fairly plain designs. The ring has to be thick enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, so quite a lot of gold is used in the making of a gents wedding ring.

Men’s wedding rings are usually made in 18ct. gold. Because of the cost, some men opt to go for 9ct. gold, which halves the amount of gold in the ring, reducing the cost of the ring significantly. This can give rise to durability issues, particularly in 9ct. white gold rings. This is because in 9ct. white gold more palladium is used in the alloy. Palladium is softer than white gold. Nine carat white gold rings can also tarnish. What it really comes down to is the budget you have to spend. Also, some guys don’t wear the ring to work, so this can be a reason to go for the 9ct. option.

We do not recommend non precious metals such as titanium for men’s wedding rings. There is an issue in re-sizing titanium in that the metal can fracture. These rings are fine as dress rings, but if you want a ring that will last a lifetime, and be able to be re-sized as your fingers change as you get older, you really need to go for gold.

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