Wedding Rings

Ladies wedding rings are generally custom made to match the engagement ring and can either be plain or diamond set, depending on the preference of the wearer. The overall look of the engagement and wedding rings sitting together should be considered when having your engagement ring designed. Simply because this may influence the design decisions you make.

Wedding rings for men tend to be fairly plain, but many options are available. The cost will depend on the finger size, wall thickness and width of the ring, as well as the design of course.

Male wedding rings need quite a bit of gold in order to have the necessary strength and thickness for everyday durability. As you pay for gold by weight, wedding bands for men can be quite costly. It is for this reason that some choose 9ct. gold rather than 18ct. gold. Eighteen carat gold is the best choice, for durability and longevity. Nine carat gold is softer and less durable, so we only recommend this option if you do not intend to wear your band every day.

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