Proposal Ideas: Your “How to” Guide

We are often asked if we have any really special or exciting proposal ideas that are sure to elicit a “Yes!!!!” to the big question “Will you marry me?”. Well, I guess the first thing to point out is that we are jewellers. What we do best is make beautiful, beautiful engagement rings! We are not experts in marriage or proposals of marriage! But often clients tell us what their proposal ideas are, so I thought I would share with you some of the more interesting ones we have heard over the years.

Proposal ideas: balloons with "marry me" on themShould Your Proposal Be Public or Private?

Looking back to last year (gosh that time has gone quickly!!), it was a very big year for proposals. We heard about very private proposals, such as Prince Harry’s proposal to Meghan Markle, and we saw very public, joyous proposals once it was declared that Australians had overwhelmingly voted “yes” for marriage equality.

Privacy Is Very Much a “Must” For Some Couples

The simplicity of Prince Harry’s proposal to Meghan Markle while they were at home cooking roast chicken was just lovely. As they said themselves, it was beautiful, romantic and natural. Whilst some might think that proposing at home over dinner is a tad too casual, when you think of the very public lives that they lead, it is no wonder Prince Harry chose to propose in the way he did. Home is somewhere both he and Meghan obviously feel very comfortable and happy. A beautiful way to do it, even for us mere mortals!

Big, Joyous Public Proposals: 2017 Was The Year!

And the sheer joy of the proposals once the “yes” vote was declared brought a tear to many an eye. It was absolutely wonderful to see the relief and happiness written all over the faces of those who had waited so long to be able marry the one they love. Family and friends who had gathered together to hear the result were finally able to share in the happiness of their children/mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters and friends as proposals were made and joyfully accepted. The scenes in parliament as politicians were required to cast their vote in a division were some of the most memorable of the year. After the conflict and pain that the debate caused, it was great to see our politicians unite, and not only this, but rejoice in the vote too. This was one of the most memorable moments in Australian parliamentary history!

Do What is Right For You

I guess when you are thinking about how to propose, whether it be a big, public proposal, or a quiet romantic proposal, is that what you do must feel right for you. It doesn’t always have to be while you are doing something particularly memorable or out of the ordinary, as the very act of proposing is memorable in itself. So for some people, it may feel right to propose as they are parachuting from an aeroplane, competing at the Olympics, scuba diving, or rock climbing, but clearly this is not going to be for everyone!

And before you ask, I don’t know that we’ve had clients propose whilst jumping out of an aeroplane! Or rock climbing! But we have had a client who proposed while scuba diving! And guess what happened – he dropped the ring! Thankfully they were able to find it again. They had to look very carefully and gently – taking a great deal of care not to stir the sand up! So thinking about the things that could potentially go wrong with your brilliant proposal ideas is probably a good idea too!

Brilliant Proposal Ideas That Are Sure to Be Answered With A “Yes!!!!”

So what are some of the best or most interesting or most romantic proposals that we’ve heard of?

  • Well, being a foodie girl myself, proposing over a lovely dinner is always going to win someone like me!
  • A ring in the bottom of a champagne glass is an oldie but a goodie. Of course there is a risk that it might get accidentally swallowed…
  • A client recently proposed to his girlfriend while they were camping. What better way to propose – under the stars, next to a crackling camp fire, just beautiful!
  • Your most favourite place that you love to go to as a couple is always going to be a winner, whether it be at the beach, at the top of Eureka Skydeck, having a picnic next to the Yarra River, where you had your first date, where you first met, etc.
  • Another client and his then girlfriend were moving into their first home that they had just bought together. He hid the engagement ring in a box of their things that they were unpacking. Moving day also happened to coincide with their five year anniversary. The proposal was certainly part of a lot of big events in their life! Imagine how his fiancé (she said “yes”!) must have felt when she unpacked the ring!
  • And this proposal idea spilled over into the design of the engagement ring itself. We had to incorporate a hidden feature into the ring that would be a reminder forever of where our client was going to propose. Where was he proposing? In Paris, of course! The City of Love. The brief to us was to somehow incorporate the architecture of the Eiffel tower into the ring design. And I really think that we nailed it! It is a bit of a secret feature, as you don’t realise that the ring looks like the Eiffel tower until you tip it upside down. But as as soon as you do – there it is! The Eiffel Tower!!! Check it out in this link: unique ring design perfect for the proposal

Doctor Google is Great For Proposal Ideas!

So there are a few ideas to get you started. I guess the thing is that if you’ve done your homework you will have a great ring. So that part is sorted, and the next bit is just the icing on the cake! If all else fails, and these ideas haven’t inspired you, doctor google is as always full of ideas…