Engagement rings: Custom Design

Custom made engagement rings are our speciality. All the diamond rings we make are beautifully designed and hand crafted by our talented jewellers right here in our studio workshop in Melbourne. Creating a stunning engagement ring requires enormous skill and years of experience. At Ellissi every diamond is selected with extreme care. After all it is the main diamond that carries the day and requires most of the budget. As the following pages show, we take great pride in the exceptional engagement rings we create. We think you will agree that the results we produce for our clients are outstanding.

The engagement rings featured on this site are just a small selection of the many, many engagement rings we have made over the years. We’d love to put every ring we have ever made on our website, but unfortunately that would make the site too unwieldy! Behind every diamond ring is a customer who commissioned us with the very important task of making their ring and is now wearing it on their finger.

Our satisfied customers are the best advertising we have. Please read our reviews to see what they say. Most of our work comes from our clients who pass on our details to their family and friends. It is great to know that our clients value our work and service. We do everything we can to look after each and every person who comes to see us. We understand what an important purchase this is, and that we must get it right.

Real Engagement Rings, Not Computer Generated Images

All the engagement rings on the following pages are real engagement rings, made by us here in Melbourne. They are not fake photos of rings as you see on many sites. Each of our engagement rings is a testament to the great skills of our jewellers. With every diamond ring we make we tailor the diamond selection to meet a client’s specific requirements and budget. When you view our engagement rings, you will see the quality of our craftsmanship. This, combined with our superb diamond selection, produces the most stunningly beautiful diamond engagement rings.

The Design of the Engagement Ring

The design of an engagement ring will depend to a great extent upon the shape of the central diamond selected. With a custom made ring, the choice is yours. The central diamond can be anything from a round brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, radiant cut, pear cut, oval cut, marquise or a heart cut diamond. Please click here for information on the process of designing an engagement ring.

Once you have decided upon the diamond shape and general design of your engagement ring, the next step is diamond selection. Good diamond selection is all about achieving the right balance between diamond size and quality. Your budget of course may have much to do with it. The best advice will get the best possible result for the money you have. What makes a diamond a good diamond, is very complex. There is so much more to know about diamonds than just the 4C’s. There are many pitfalls for ring buyers if they do not have expert knowledge: sound advice is essential!

When you come to Ellissi, you will deal directly with the jewellers who will be making your engagement ring. We do not employ sales staff to sell rings. As a family run business we take enormous pride in every engagement ring we make. Our customer service is second to none, as you will see for yourself.

With our combined experience of over 70 years making engagement rings and sourcing diamonds the world over, you are in the best hands possible. Ellissi’s rings: great design, superb craftsmanship, fantastic quality diamonds. All this at a great price too!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment. We will be more than happy to guide you through the process of having your engagement ring custom made. If you have any questions you just want to ask right away feel free to Ask a Question.

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