Engagement Ring Designs

There are no set rules for what an engagement ring must look like. Of course, for many, what springs to mind when they think of an engagement ring, is the classic, six claw diamond ring. Advertising certainly is a powerful thing! But the reality is that engagement ring designs vary enormously. Luckily we live in a diverse world and tastes in design reflect this diversity.

The Classic 6 Claw Solitaire

In rose gold and white gold, these classic ring designs will never go out of fashion

Simple style never goes out of fashion.

These solitaire engagement rings are both made in 18ct. gold. The top ring is all white gold. The bottom ring has a rose gold band and the claws holding the diamond are in white gold.

The rose and white gold combination is enormously popular at the moment. Of course rose gold has been around for many years. It is found in a lot of antique jewellery, but then fell out of favour for a long time. It’s lovely soft look suits many skin colours. Although the diamond is usually set in white gold claws, we have been making many rings that are all rose gold lately. The beauty of designing your own engagement ring is that you can have any combination of metal colours that you want.


Unusual Engagement Ring Designs

But what about more unusual engagement ring designs? When you have your engagement ring custom made, there are opportunities to personalise the ring design to your own tastes. This can be subtle detail such as engraving added to a fairly standard design. Or it can be a ring that is entirely unconventional.

Have a look at this ring here:

Unusual engagement ring designs

This multi banded ring in 18ct. yellow gold was specially commissioned by a client who wanted a truly unique engagement ring. There are several joined bands all made in 18ct. yellow gold. They are finished to create a textured look.

The stippled gold look is just perfect for the unusual colour change sapphire that looked red in some lights and brown in others. Just amazing. The diamonds are tension set in random positions to make it look like they have been scattered over the ring.

Like what you see? Have a look at our ring gallery, where we have photos of some of the more unique ring designs we have made over the years.

Some of the designs are fairly traditional, but we have included them in the Gallery page because the gemstones may be an unusual cut shape or colour. Or sometimes the sheer size of a gemstone is enough to include it in this special page.

Love this beautiful sapphire and want more info about sapphires generally? The GIA has a lot of informative articles. And of course you can always make a time to come in to see us and discuss all things sapphire and diamond. There is a lot more to making a unique engagement ring than simply walking into a shop and buying one off the shelf. But worth it. Just look at the results.