Where Is My Diamond From?

Diamond certification provided by GIA supplied by Ellissi diamonds

“Where is my diamond from?” This is a question that clients often ask us. Knowing the mine that your diamond is from, has, until now, been virtually impossible. (Unless you dug it out of the ground yourself!). Unlike some sapphires, there is nothing in the way a diamond looks or its structure that helps us
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TOP TEN Issues when Purchasing a Diamond

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Here are the Top Ten Issues When Purchasing a Diamond: In this blog we have looked at the top ten issues when purchasing a diamond that you should consider, if it is a great diamond that you want. 1) Certification GIA should be the standard applied in most cases. More about this in Certification 2)
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Clarity Grade Issues: The Diamond Analogy

Diamonds can be given the same grade but this does not mean they are the same.

Same Clarity Grade? Doesn’t Mean They are Equal. Purchasing a diamond based just on its grade and price is unwise, as although two diamonds may be the same grade on paper, they can look, and in fact be, vastly different. This is of particular importance when looking at the clarity grade of a diamond. Although
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