Solitaire Diamond

We give an engagement ring as a symbol of commitment to a person. The simplest engagement ring you can give is a ring that is set with one diamond. This is a solitaire diamond ring. In a solitaire, all the emphasis is on the diamond.

Careful Diamond Selection is the Key

In every ring we make, a great deal of care goes into selecting the diamond. This is important, as it is the diamond that carries the day and makes the ring. The diamond needs to be a good balance between size and quality. In diamonds, remember that size is not everything. It really is a waste of money to buy a big diamond, if budget restrictions mean that the quality of the diamond suffers to such an extent that it does not look good. It is far better to opt for a smaller diamond that does everything that a diamond should do. You want your diamond to have sparkle, life and brilliance. After all, in a solitaire it is on its own out there, and it should look great!

The diamond can be set in a number of ways: claw or bezel set, grain or tension set. However the diamond is set, the setting is simply a means to present the diamond. With a solitaire design, we give all the emphasis to the gemstone rather than to the ring itself.

Having a solitaire diamond ring is a great way to maximise the available budget for the diamond component of the ring. A simple solitaire design means that we can direct all the available budget to the one and only diamond. The cost of making the ring is far less than a ring design that has a lot of additional diamonds. A simple, stunning solitaire ring is the end result.

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