Amazing Engagement Ring Find

Like Meghan Markle's engagement ring, this ring features a cushion cut central diamond, but this one is flanked by two round rubies instead of round diamonds

The news is often full of stories of the latest celebrity to be swanning around Hollywood sporting an amazing engagement ring. It seems that each ring is bigger and better than the one before it. Where can it end I ask myself? But what has struck me in the news this week are some incredible
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Engagement Ring Insurance: A Really, Really Good Idea

Engagement Ring Insurance protects against loss from theft

So you have popped the question and become engaged! Congratulations! Many couples spend a great deal of time researching to find the best jeweller to make their dream engagement ring. For others, it can be quite spontaneous and the engagement ring purchase takes no time at all. Regardless of which path you go down, engagement
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Caring For Your Engagement Ring: Part Two

In Part One of this blog, we covered the best ways of looking after your engagement ring. The comment we made about “no housework” certainly got a few responses!!!! In this blog, we focus on the best ways to clean your engagement and diamond set wedding rings at home. Platinum Ring With Dents And Scratches
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Caring For Your Engagement Ring: Part One

Damage can be Impact from above pushes the setting down on this engagement ring, bending the ring and breaking the setting

Taking good care of your jewellery doesn’t require much time and the long-term benefits make the extra care well worth the effort. Caring for your engagement ring means that it will still look great, years down the track. As engagement rings and wedding rings are an important symbol of a couple’s love for and commitment
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