Ladies wedding rings

Ladies wedding rings can be plain or diamond set. They are usually made to complement the engagement ring, rather than overshadow it.

When designing your engagement ring, it is important to consider whether the ring will take a wedding band sitting alongside it. Some designs don’t allow this very easily, if at all. It is an important consideration when purchasing your engagement ring.

If you have chosen your engagement ring without bearing this in mind, you may not find it possible to wear a wedding ring next to your engagement ring. In this case some women put up with a wedding ring that sits badly. Sometimes couples choose to have a very odd shape wedding ring made so that it can sit alongside the engagement ring. The problem with this, is that the wedding ring can’t be worn on it’s own. This is not a satisfactory solution, so some choose to wear the wedding ring on the ring finger on the other hand instead.

At Ellissi, we always make our engagement rings so that they can accommodate a wedding band. Sometimes a client will not be worried about the wedding band, as staying true to a particular engagement ring design is more important to them. In this case we can make the ring just as the client wants, or can suggest ways in which the design could be changed to accommodate the wedding ring.

When looking at different designs for ladies wedding rings, it is not always necessary to match the style of the engagement ring. Some people prefer the wedding ring to contrast with the engagement ring. This really can look fantastic. This is especially the case if a matching eternity ring is made to sit on the other side of the engagement ring.

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