Ring Gallery

The Ellissi engagement ring gallery pages show a selection of some of our favourite designs. It is pretty difficult to select rings for this page, because so many could be contenders. We tend to like something that in some way is a little different to the standard engagement rings you see.

The gallery shows rare colour sapphires, exceptionally well cut diamonds or a design that is in perfect harmony with the gemstone used. There is a lot of variation in the designs here. This reflects the diversity of the rings we make and the large cross-section of work we do.

The diamonds and sapphires in all Ellissi rings are natural gemstones and are sourced from the very best gemstone cutters around the world. All rings are made and set in house by our talented jewellers. It is no accident that the engagement rings you see on this site look as good as they do. It takes years of experience and attention to detail, combined with a critical eye in the diamond and sapphire selection process, to produce this level of outstanding work.We hope you enjoy looking at the rings on the site. If you have any questions about any of the rings you have seen in the engagement ring gallery, or have a specific design or diamond question, please feel free to contact us.

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