Radiant Cut

Radiant cut diamonds are like a of hybrid of two diamond types: the outer shape of the Emerald cut and the Princess cut diamond cut design.

There are variations in all diamond cuts. This is especially the case in fancy shape diamonds such as the emerald, princess and radiant cuts. As you can see from the engagement rings in this section of our website, radiant cut diamonds can be long and rectangular or what is called “Square Radiant”. This is where the sides have equal length. Each type of radiant cut diamond produces a unique looking ring.

“Fancy shape diamonds” are any shape that is not round. Fancy shapes are all individual. There is not an exact cut parameter for any of the fancy cut diamonds. They can vary in length, width, height, diameter, table size, pavilion and crown angle. Even the layout, configuration and number of facets (amongst other things) can differ between diamonds.

This makes some engagement rings possible in theory, but very very difficult to get right in practice. Extreme care and expert advice is critical when buying a fancy shape diamond. The last thing that you want to end up buying is a lumpy, poorly cut diamond, that looks small for its weight. For more information on what we look out for when choosing a radiant cut diamond, please click on the following link: Selecting a Radiant Cut Diamond.

Radiant cut diamonds are one of the less utilised diamond types for engagement rings. If you are after something that is unique, you might like to consider the radiant cut diamond. If you are lucky enough to get a larger example, then the beauty of this cut really can be breathtaking.

If you wish to have a three stone radiant cut diamond ring, we need to match not only the size and grades of the diamonds as much as possible, but also to match the way that the cut of each diamond compares to the other. In fact, matching the cut is more important to the look of the ring than having the same colour and clarity grades. In a perfect world we would if we could have everything matching. The reality of fancy shape diamonds is that this is not always possible to achieve in every detail. What is more important is that the diamonds match each other to the eye, rather than worrying over very slight differences in their grades.

Please remember that the radiant cut diamond engagement rings that you see below are just a selection of the many rings that we have made over the years. As custom ring makers, many design configurations are possible. If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment with one of our jewellers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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