Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Ellissi is a family owned and run business. We take great pride in the way that we conduct our business. It is important to us that we provide all our clients with straightforward, down to earth advice and a quality product. We strongly believe that good values and ethical conduct are fundamental to us as people and of course to our business. As part of this, we absolutely value your privacy.

Respecting your Privacy Means That We Do Not Contact You Unless You Request Us To Do So

This means that when you contact us, you can rest assured that we keep your contact details private. We will not contact you unless you have requested information from us. Or you have indicated that you would like to be included in our mailing list. Of course we do not give or sell any personal information to third parties.

We Do Not Discuss Your Engagement Ring Purchase With Other Clients

Not only this, but we understand that the purchase of an engagement ring is a private matter until you decide to make it public. Many, if not most of our clients are referrals from previous clients, or friends and family of those clients. We understand the need to be discreet, as you never know the considerable extent of these networks. We take care not to discuss any aspects of one client’s ring purchase with other clients.