Radiant Cut Diamonds

Rectangular Radiant Cut Diamonds

This is one of the many “Fancy Shape” diamond types. The diamond shape is very close to the emerald cut diamond in its outer general outline, however it has many additional facets giving it a more refractive quality – more sparkle if you like. The cut can vary in radiant cut diamonds from stone to stone, which means careful selection is required. This is especially the case if more than one radiant cut is needed for a ring design, such as in a three stone ring.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

A Well Cut Radiant Cut Diamond

Many radiant cut diamonds can be too deep for the weight they carry. This is a problem, as it means that the weight of the diamond is all at the back of the stone and as a result the diamond looks smaller than it should. This all comes down to cut. A better cut diamond will have a greater spread for its weight. Conversely, too much spread for the stone’s weight can be a problem, as this makes the diamond less refractive, or less sparkly.

Different Shape Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds can be rectangular or square in shape. Click here to view the square cut type, and on this link to view radiant cut ring designs.

Shown here is a rectangular radiant cut diamond supplied by Ellissi with perfect cut. I think the photo shows well  just how fantastic these diamonds can be when selected by a professional.

There is a lot of information on our site about the many important factors that we look at when selecting a diamond. Please click on the following link for more info: superb diamond selection. Just as importantly, the following page looks at the problems with diamond selection and the things we avoid: dodgy diamonds.