Engagement Rings Online: A Good Way to Buy?

Engagement rings online: Buying online doesn't always guarantee quality

Well it was another very interesting week in the world of engagement rings last week. The big news item was all about the lucky guy who got a huge windfall when he bought his engagement ring over the internet. Buying engagement rings online can be an issue. This is especially the case when buying from
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Jewellers in the Manchester Unity Building in Melbourne

Jewellers in the Manchester Unity Building in Melboourne

Recently I was reading through all the policy material provided by candidates seeking election in the Melbourne City Council Elections. As owners of rooms in the Manchester Unity Building, we are required to vote in the upcoming elections. Hence the reason for my homework! I won’t go into the many issues facing our beautiful city.
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Engagement Ring Quality

Pictured here is a poorly made ring. Engagement ring quality suffers with poor materials and poor workmanship

In our fast moving 24/7 world we tend to develop the expectation that we can (provided, of course that we have the funds to pay for it) buy everything we want pretty much instantaneously. We can shop around over the internet, compare prices and buy the cheapest we can find. And that whatever you buy
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Price of an Engagement Ring: One Design, Different Diamonds

Collection of engagement rings featuring three solitaires and a three stone emerald cut diamond ring

Following on from part one of our series “Cost of an Engagement Ring” we will take a look at a sample ring from our collection and discuss varying the weight and grade of the central diamond so that we can accommodate differing budget levels. In each case you will see how the price of an
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Cost of an Engagement Ring. 

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

“What does that diamond engagement ring cost?” is a question that we are often asked by clients. And, as with all things diamond, the answer is not straightforward. The cost of an engagement ring can be tailored to suit different budget levels when you have a custom made engagement rings. We do this simply by
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How To Buy an Engagement Ring

Group of different styles of engagement and highly detailed dress rings crafted in our studio workshop

In the Past, Retail Shops Were the only Option In the past, when a couple wished to purchase an engagement ring, a retail jewellery store was the only place to go. Many couples walked into a shop knowing very little about the product they were buying. They paid a considerable amount of money to purchase an
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