Unique Diamond Find

Unique diamond has another diamond sitting inside it

Nature is always full of surprises and the world of gemstones is no exception. In Siberia, a very rare, unique diamond has been discovered.  It is a diamond that has another tiny diamond sitting inside it! Just incredible! As far as we know, this is the first time ever that a diamond like this has
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Hearts and Arrows Diamond

Hearts and Arrows Diamond. This photo shows the hearts effect

Choosing a great diamond can be tricky. If you have read some of the info on this site you will by now have learnt that assessing how good a diamond is (or isn’t) goes way beyond the 4C’s. Looking at the 4C’s is of course a good starting point. But we need to know a
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Where Is My Diamond From?

Diamond certification provided by GIA supplied by Ellissi diamonds

“Where is my diamond from?” This is a question that clients often ask us. Knowing the mine that your diamond is from, has, until now, been virtually impossible. (Unless you dug it out of the ground yourself!). Unlike some sapphires, there is nothing in the way a diamond looks or its structure that helps us
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Pink Diamond Sale Sets A Record

Pink Star pink diamond

The jewellery world is abuzz today with the news that a 59.60 carat Internally Flawless, Fancy Vivid Pink diamond sold at auction yesterday. It is the largest diamond of this grade that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has ever graded. The auction, by Sotheby’s, attracted three telephone bidders. After five minutes of intense bidding,
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Great Diamonds: A Whopping 706 Carat Find in Sierra Leone

Great diamonds: This one is a whopping 706 carats!

Great diamonds are not commonly found by small, independent fossickers. Usually we expect the big diamond finds to be coming from large mining companies. After, all, they have all the tools and equipment. And they can pay for all the expert know how that is part of any big mining venture. But this week there
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Engagement Ring Insurance: A Really, Really Good Idea

Engagement Ring Insurance protects against loss from theft

So you have popped the question and become engaged! Congratulations! Many couples spend a great deal of time researching to find the best jeweller to make their dream engagement ring. For others, it can be quite spontaneous and the engagement ring purchase takes no time at all. Regardless of which path you go down, engagement
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Diamond Fluorescence: Should You Avoid It?

Diamond fluorescence displayed in two of the three diamonds

Earlier this year we had a look at three rings, all solitaires, each with a different colour grade, and each set in a different colour metal. One other thing was different about them, and I’m wondering if you noticed? Two of the diamonds have medium fluorescence. Can you pick the one that doesn’t? Can you
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Violet Diamonds and Pink Diamonds: Put Your Bids In!

Violet diamonds and pink diamonds

Well the count down is on to the famous Argyle Diamond Tender. Only a day to go! If you are thinking of putting a bid in, you will need to dig deep. This year’s tender has some really stunning and super rare violet diamonds and pink diamonds on offer. Violet diamonds and pink diamonds are
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Solitaire Rings: Does Colour Matter?

Three round brilliant cut solitaire rings

Solitaire rings are really the classic ring design we think of when we think of an engagement ring. The solitaire is a timeless style that will never date. The appeal of a solitaire is of course its elegant simplicity. The ring itself is a means to show off the gemstone in a design that takes
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Diamond Rings as Engagement Rings: Throughout the Ages

Diamond Rings as Engagement Rings first started with diamonds like this in their octahedral form

Diamond rings have adorned the hands of the rich for hundreds of years. They were not worn as engagement rings, as tend to we view them now, but as symbols of wealth and power. Written references of a diamond ring worn by a very wealthy woman date back to between AD 60 – 140 .
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