Engagement Rings in Hollywood

Every now and then we take a look at what are the latest rings being worn by Hollywood’s stars. Why? Engagement rings in Hollywood can be a source of design inspiration, seeing what the latest fashion trends are, and of course we all love a bit of gossip!

And this week, as we often see in Hollywood, we have one extreme to the other!

engagement rings in hollywood kim kardashian's latest bling

Engagement Rings in Hollywood: Kim Kardashian’s Latest Bling!

Kim Kardashian turned up at the VMA’s with this enormous new engagement ring given to her by Kanye West. In terms of ring design, it is a simple ring. Just a classic solitaire on a thin band. But why would you want to add any dressing to this amazing 20.00ct. emerald cut diamond? It is ginormous to say the least!!! It doesn’t need anything else to adorn it, that is for sure.

Having the simple faceting of the emerald cut diamond means that it must be of a super high quality too. Otherwise any inclusions within the diamond would be readily seen, especially when you are looking at such a large diamond as this.

As far as engagement rings in Hollywood go, we thought her beautiful 15.00ct. cushion cut diamond engagement ring was big (and it is), but this really takes the cake!



Amanda Seyfried's Engagement Ring

Amanda Seyfried’s Engagement Ring

And then the news came out that Amanda Seyfried got engaged to her partner, fellow actor Thomas Sadoski this week. Her engagement ring could not be more different to Kim Kardashian’s ultimate bling ring. It is just a simple band in yellow gold.

As jewellers, we are absolutely passionate about what we do: we love making beautiful engagement rings using the best materials that we can. And of course that means that we really get a kick out finding a really great diamond, or a beautiful, richly coloured, lively sapphire, and turning that beautiful gemstone into an amazing engagement ring.

Do We Really Need A Big Blingy Diamond Ring?

There is something pretty special about precious gemstones – they were, after all, created by mother earth thousands of years ago. And there is something pretty special in what we as jewellers do. Using our hands and some simple tools, our skills and abilities enhance what mother earth has given us. Great craftsmanship doesn’t come easily – it takes years and years to acquire the skills that we have. So, as jewellers when we look at a simple ring like Amanda’s, a little bit of us has to go “Oh, we would have loved to have done something more than that!” It’s a bit like a car mechanic thinking they are going to work on a Formula One Car and instead finding out it’s a Volvo!

But, having said that, the simplicity of Amanda Seyfried’s engagement ring is a reminder to us all as to what marriage really is all about: the love of two people and their commitment to each other. You really don’t need a whole lot of bling to announce that to the world!