Rose gold engagement rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings: Rose Gold is a Metal Colour That Stands the Test of Time

Rose gold engagement rings are definitely the flavour of  the month as rose gold is once again gaining popularity as the metal of choice for couples becoming engaged and getting married.  It’s beautiful, soft colour suits every skin tone.  Rose gold can be mixed and matched with both yellow and white gold to great effect.

Modern Fashion draws on Times Past
The rise in popularity of rose gold engagement rings has been attributed to the release of the Apple iphone in Rose Gold. Of course rose gold has been fashionable many times before and in this sense is a metal choice that is timeless. Rose gold was used extensively in the mid to late 19th Century, and we still see many antique rose gold rings being worn today.  Fob watches and Albert chains were often made from rose gold too.

Two Tone Rose and White Gold suits both Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings
Rose gold is often used in the band of an engagement ring, with the whole setting or just the claws of the setting made in white gold. Increasingly we are finding that our male clients are requesting that rose gold be incorporated into their wedding bands too.  This can be as the main colour, or with stripes or pin lines of yellow, white and rose gold.

Rose Gold is an Alloy of Gold and Copper
Rose gold is an alloy of pure gold and copper.  In Australia, engagement rings are usually made in 18ct. gold. Eighteen carat rose gold consists of 75% gold and 25% copper.  It is slightly softer than yellow gold.

Rose gold does not require the same sort of maintenance that is needed with white gold, which must be re-plated with rhodium every few years in order to maintain the white look of the gold. However, as with all rings that are worn every day, we recommend that you have your ring looked at by our jewellers every eighteen months or so. This enables us to check that the diamond settings are still secure.  A re-polish at this time will make the ring look like new again.

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As custom ring makers, your engagement ring can be made in your choice of metal colour or in whatever colour combinations you prefer.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings
Rose Gold Oval Diamond cluster ring