Celebrity Sapphire Engagement Rings

Stunning sapphire and trapezoid diamond cut engagement ring

When we think of an engagement ring, many of us immediately think of a diamond ring. Why? We have probably all been influenced by the powerful DeBeers marketing campaign that tells us that “diamonds are forever”. A sapphire ring is a beautiful, unique alternative to a diamond ring. A well chosen sapphire is the foundation
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Sapphire colours: Unusual Particoloured Gemstones

Colour sapphires in this blue green hue are rare

Sapphires are one of the most beautiful gemstones nature has given us. Many people are surprised to learn that sapphires are found in a multitude of colours. Sapphire colours can be almost anything from blues to pinks to greens, purples, orange yellows, apricot, violet, orange and many shades in between. Sapphires can also even be
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Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings

Australian sapphire and diamond engagement rings in this beautiful blue are rare.

Have you ever thought of having a sapphire as the central gemstone in your engagement ring? Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are truly unique, as sapphires come in such a range of wonderful colours and cuts. Every sapphire is individual. When you choose a sapphire you have an opportunity to have an engagement ring that
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