Having Your Engagement Ring Custom Made

Your engagement ring is so special. It is symbolic of your love and commitment to each other. It is something that you will wear for the rest of your life. You want your engagement ring to reflect the importance of what it symbolizes. This is why many couples choose to have their ring custom made. Having your engagement ring custom made is quite a different process to simply walking into a shop and choosing a ready made ring.

A Unique Engagement Ring

Given how important a purchase it is, you want your engagement ring to be perfect. Something that is beautiful. Something that expresses your personality. And something that will last for your lifetime and beyond.

This is where having your engagement ring custom made really comes into its own. Whether it is because you really want to create something that is unique to you, or you just can’t find “the ring” that has all the elements that you love, custom making gives you the opportunity to have the perfect ring.

Not only this, but having your ring custom made means that we can tailor the diamond selection to suit your budget. Financially, buying an engagement ring is one of the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime. Many of our clients are surprised to find that custom making an engagement ring is actually better value than buying a ring off the shelf.

Having your engagement ring custom made.What Is Involved in Having Your Engagement Ring Custom Made?

So how do we go about custom designing and custom making a ring? The basis of the design all hinges on the selection of the central diamond and the shape diamond that you choose. So initially most of your first appointment will be spent discussing the diamond and all that goes into good diamond selection. We also discuss the general ring style of that you are thinking of.  From this, we can work out a quote for you for the diamond and making the ring.

Designing Your Engagement Ring

Once we know what the diamond is, we can start to fine tune the ring design. To do this, we can work with photographs or images or ideas that you have. We can also use photographs of the thousands of rings that we have made over the years. We have a huge range of sample and master patterns for you to look at and try on. In this way we can work out the design elements that you love and those that you don’t. The beauty of having your engagement ring custom made with us, is that you are working with a jeweller who has been making and designing jewellery for 38 years. He really knows what does and doesn’t work!

Once we have a good idea of the design elements for your engagement ring, we make a 3D image of the design. This technology allows you to really see how the ring will look. At this point you might like to make some changes to the design. Once you are happy, we make the ring for you.

What If I Find That I Don’t Like The Ring Once It Is Made?

This is something that some of our clients worry about. They worry that they won’t like the ring once they see it in the flesh. In actual fact, this rarely, if ever, happens. With Ian’s experience in ring making and ring design, any potential issues have been worked out before we even make the ring. But to put your mind at rest, we offer all our clients the opportunity to change the ring design if they want. If this happens, we simply re-design and re-make the ring.

So if you would like your own, individually designed engagement ring that is unique to you, you should consider having your engagement ring custom made.  Great value, expertly crafted and a ring that is just you. That’s pretty special.