Celebrity Engagement Rings

Why look at celebrity engagement rings? Well, they are usually pretty gorgeous rings, so why not appreciate just how fabulous they are? Apart from that, when you have your engagement ring custom made, you can draw ideas from all the ring designs that you have seen. This is the best way to create the perfect ring that is unique to you.

And it has been a big week in the news for famous people becoming engaged. First Pippa Middleton and James Matthews, and then Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel. Their engagement rings are very different, but as you would expect, both are stunning.

Pippa Middleton’s ring is an art deco style and is set at the centre with an Asscher Cut diamond. The geometric shape and large, linear facets of the Asscher cut is perfect for an Art Deco design. The diamond is surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds. The total weight of all the diamonds has been estimated as being between 3 or 4 carats. It is a pretty big rock in the middle!

Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring is a more modern style, with a round brilliant cut diamond at the centre in a four claw setting. It is flanked by two tapered baguettes in the shoulder. A simple, elegant style that really accentuates the beauty of the main diamond.

Custom Made Celebrity Engagement Rings

So what does this all mean for your dream engagement ring? Few of us can afford what we see when we look at celebrity engagement rings, but this does not mean to say that you cannot still have a fabulous ring!

When you have your ring custom made, we can choose a diamond that works with your budget. The main cost in any engagement ring is in the central diamond. We can, with very careful diamond selection, adjust the size and/or quality of the diamond so you can have the design you love at a cost you can afford.

Have a look at the Asscher cut engagement rings in this link here. The beauty of the halo of round brilliant cut diamonds around the main diamond, like in Pippa Middleton’s ring, is that you don’t have to have an enormous rock at the centre, as the ring design itself is quite large.

Pear cut diamond flanked by matching tapered baguette diamondsIf you love the look of Miranda Kerr’s ring, have a look at this three stone ring that we just added to the site this week. It is a very similar design to Miranda’s ring, but instead of a round brilliant cut diamond at the centre, this one has a pear shape diamond. A pear cut is a great way to go as they are a large stone for their weight. And they are one of the lower cost cut shapes. That is a win win for the look you want and your hip pocket!.

We can make this design with almost any shape central stone. Click on the following links if you would like to see a few more styles. These all have cushion cut diamonds at their centre. For a round brilliant cut diamond, click on this link: round cut trilogy ring.

Great Diamond Selection Is the Key

The trick with these designs, and of course with any fantastic looking ring, is in the diamond selection. For it to look great, the Asscher cut must be a good example of its cut. If the facets are not aligned properly, it will look rhombic and out of shape. When choosing baguettes for a ring like Miranda Kerr’s, it is really important to get a set of matching baguettes. If they don’t match in cut, shape and dimensions, the ring will look very odd indeed!

Miranda and Pippa’s rings have inspired us with some great design ideas. With rumours abounding about other stars (Cara Delevingne, amongst others) becoming engaged, no doubt we will have lots of fabulous celebrity engagement rings to look at in the coming weeks!