Diamond Bands

Diamond bands, whether as a wedding, eternity or dress ring are quite varied in size, width and in their cost. Usually, of course, the diamond content is a major contributing factor to the final cost.

The more diamond content you have in a ring the more you will need to budget for. Luckily smaller diamonds are less costly than single larger diamonds, so by weight and diamond spread across the finger, diamond bands can be a lot of show for the money.

For example a 1.00 ct diamond could cost around $10k (depending on the type and grade of course) but for 10k with say a mix of asscher and brilliant cut diamonds (see Angie below), you could have over 2.80 ct of D/E VS1 diamond content and still have quite a bit of change in your pocket. Typically, diamond bands will be set with round brilliant, princess, asscher, baguette, or carre’ cut diamonds, often in combination.

Diamond bands can be great value for money as an engagement ring or worn on the right hand as a dress ring. With the versatility of differing gemstone combinations, just about any width of band can be achieved. As I have said above, the cost is directly related to diamond content but as this is very flexible, these rings can accommodate multiple cost levels from around $3k upwards. If a simple single row of diamonds is required, such as in a diamond set wedding ring the cost can be quite a bit less.

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