Halo Diamond Rings

A group of diamonds arranged around a feature stone is called a “Cluster”. Halo diamond rings have been popular for some time. This is a style that never seems to go out of fashion. The halo cluster is one of those ring layouts that just works, time and time again.

Almost every diamond cut shape can be used for a halo cluster ring design. The size and range of diamond and sapphire options is pretty limitless for a cluster ring.

A Halo Cluster is Great If You Prefer a Larger Looking Ring

A halo ring gives you the opportunity to have a larger looking ring than might otherwise be possible with just a big single sapphire or diamond. This is mainly because smaller diamonds are less costly than larger diamonds. This means you can often have a higher diamond content for any given budget.

Different Cluster Designs

There are three kinds of cluster rings: the halo cluster, the traditional claw set basket and a cluster where the diamonds are of equal size.

The halo cluster has a halo of small diamonds around the main gemstone. The detailing in the way the diamonds are held in place is very small. This gives an antique look to the ring design.

The simple traditional claw set basket will generally have fewer but larger diamonds around the main gemstone, giving the engagement ring a more flower-like look.

Cluster rings can have gemstones that are equal in size in some cases, but it is more usual to have a central gemstone that is larger than the surrounding diamonds. Again, this produces a ring that has a flower like look to it.

The smaller diamonds used in a halo cluster can all be the same size and shape, or they can be graduated. They can also be a mix of cut shapes and sizes. We can create different setting styles for holding them in place. All these variations can give rise to some very unique designs in halo diamond rings.

Traditionally, cluster designs were claw set wire basket type settings or claws carved from the outer wall of the setting. Clusters can be grain set, claw, channel, rub over, bezel, micro claw or any combination that the ring designer and the client thinks looks good.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the following pages of halo cluster engagement ring designs. If you have any questions, or wish to make an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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