“Jocasta” intricate cluster design sapphire ring.


This ring was a client design, set with a cushion cut Ceylon sapphire at the centre. Varying sizes in round brilliant cut diamonds were used to create a very detailed and unique design.

The layout of the gemstones in this ring is also unusual because the central sapphire is set with the corners in a north, south, east, west fashion, really this only works if the central stone is a gem with a length equal to the width ( 1 : 1 ratio ).

Cost for this design type is generally difficult to be precise on until the central Ceylon sapphire has been selected, because they vary so much in colour,  size ( weight ) and cost there can be vast differences in the pricing from ring to ring.

It is possible to use this design and accommodate differing gemstones, however secondary stones like Amethyst, Topaz etc are very easily scratched and damaged and are not great options for an engagement ring.

Style No: E6520