Will You Marry Me?

What’s going on in the Olympics is all over the news at the moment, and not just for the incredible sporting feats of the athletes. News reports confirm three proposals of marriage so far.  And they are just the ones that we know about! With the eyes of the world upon them, each of them were memorable ways to propose.

First it was the Brazilian rugby player Isadora Carullo saying yes to her partner of two years, Marjorie Enya who took the microphone after the Women’s Gold Medal Rugby Sevens match, and made a very emotional speech to Isadora. It looked like such a beautiful moment, and the crowd cheered as the couple hugged. Despite Brazil finishing 9th in the competition, Marjorie said she “wanted to show people that love wins.”

Then there was  a Chinese diver Qin Kai, proposing with an engagement ring to his partner, He Zi, who is also a diver. He Zi had just been presented with a silver medal for her place in the three metre springboard event when Qin Kai got down on one knee and proposed. He Zi was very emotional, wiping away tears. She said “this is the guy I can trust for the rest of my life.”

Then on the famous Copacabana Beach, Tom Bosworth, a British race walker, popped the question to his partner Harry Dineley. Like Qin Kai, Tom Bosworth got down on bended knee and proposed with an engagement ring. Very romantic!

Clients often ask us if we have any ideas as to how they might propose to their partner. But it is such a personal thing – it is really hard to give advice in this area. We tend to stick with what we know best, and that is making fantastic, gorgeous, stunning engagement rings!

I can tell you about some of the most amazing proposals that our customer’s have planned and told us about. One was at Abisko National Park in Sweden. One of the most beautiful places in the world to see the Northern Lights. There is no light pollution, and the sky is usually clear. They were camping in the snow with the incredible green sky of the Aurora Borealis above them. The photos were absolutely breathtaking.

Another was where we made an engagement ring for a guy who was going to surprise his partner. At the same time, they had put an offer in on their first home. Unbeknownst to the girl, their offer had been accepted by the owner. The guy arranged with the real estate agent to bring a BBQ to the house. He hid the ring in the BBQ and when he lifted the lid, he proposed and told her the good news about the house. I was imagining in his excitement and nervousness that he might accidentally turn the BBQ on and fry her beautiful engagement ring! Fortunately all went to plan…the girl said “yes” and they moved in a month later.

Another couple were really into orienteering. The guy hid the engagement ring at a set point, then planned a navigation course for his partner to get there. Luckily, she was very good at orienteering and found the ring (and she said “yes”!).

Other clients have proposed at the top of the Eiffel tower, on the Great Wall of China, on a gondola on the Yarra River… and the list goes on.

Really you have to think of what is special to you as a couple. Where and how you propose is such a personal thing. Your favourite restaurant, where you first kissed, a walk on the beach…sometimes the simplest ideas are the best…