“Vivid” Art Deco style ceylon sapphire trilogy ring.


A Ceylon type sapphire, in a less common cut for this size and type of sapphire. With sapphires of this size, over 3 ct, the cost can vary massively. The weight of the gemstone and the intensity of the colour have a great impact on cost.

This type of cut, (like a radiant cut in a diamond) is not common. Sometimes we need to wait to find the right size, shape and cut.

Pricing these things is all about seeing what is available at any given time,  then seeing if it works with the available budget.

This ring was designed and made for a client, flanked with two emerald cut diamonds in an Art Deco style. Carre diamonds are set in the shoulder.

Designed and custom made by ellissi, with the client budget as the starting point.

Sapphires like this are never the same so you can be assured every ring is an individual piece.

Style No: E5206