“Elizabeth” Yellow Radiant Cut diamond multi band ring.


18 ct white gold multi band diamond ring, this was custom made for a client with 99 diamonds, as you can see it is a very unique design.

The main central diamond was a radiant cut “Fancy Yellow” diamond with full GIA certification.

The size of this one was 2.21 ct, so at the upper end of the scale, the cut was exceptional.  The cut is extremely important in all diamonds but particularly so in the coloured diamond types , as it is the cut that intensifies the colour.

Pricing this sort of ring is very difficult as the diamond at the center is so individual. Until we find the correct diamond it is impossible to work out exact numbers. With these sort of rings it is all about the available budget first, then seeing what can be done. We can provide an estimate and range of costs, but as with all rings it should be quality first.

Style No: E6049