Solitaire Rings: Does Colour Matter?

Solitaire rings are really the classic ring design we think of when we think of an engagement ring. The solitaire is a timeless style that will never date. The appeal of a solitaire is of course its elegant simplicity. The ring itself is a means to show off the gemstone in a design that takes nothing away from the diamond.

And what of the diamond itself? In solitaire rings, there is more scope to go a little lower in the colour grade than might be possible if you were thinking of another engagement ring design, such as a halo or three stone ring. This is because, in solitaire rings, the diamond is not sitting next to other diamonds of a different, higher grade. There is no reference point to compare one diamond to another. So, provided it performs well in the other areas we look at when assessing a diamond, it will look incredible!

Three Solitaire Rings, Each Set With a Different Colour Grade Diamond

dscn5606 In our feature photo here, there are three solitaire rings. Each one is a different grade. Can you pick the D colour? Or the G colour?. A great, well cut diamond with a reasonable clarity grade and fantastic lustre will still look amazing even in a G or H colour. In some diamonds even an I colour can still look really good, especially in a round brilliant cut diamond. This is especially the case if the diamond has fluorescence. In a well chosen diamond, the presence of fluorescence can lift the colour and make the diamond appear whiter.

O.K,. so if you cannot guess, the ring at the bottom of the shot is “D” colour. In the middle we have the “F” colour and at the top of the shot is the G colour. Dropping the colour to “G” enabled our client to go a little higher in the diamond weights for their budget, so this is a 1.30ct. G/VS1 – a superb rock!

And of course solitaire rings can be made with other diamond cuts. The round brilliant cut is the most popular shape, but we certainly make many solitaires with other cuts such as princess cut diamonds and at the moment especially, oval cut diamonds and pear cut diamonds.

Whatever the diamond shape, the principle is the same: solitaire rings are all about the diamond. As always, selection of that diamond is critical! Find a jeweller who is prepared to go the extra mile. A jeweller that has the knowledge, skills and experience to find you the best diamond possible for your budget!