Royal Wedding Fever

Well the royal wedding has been and gone and what an event it was. With hundreds of millions of people from around the world watching, it must have been nerve wracking for those at the centre of all the attention, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

With all eyes upon Meghan’s every look and gesture and endless analysis of what she wore, I think it left many of us feeling thankful that we are just mere mortals! Nothing that we will ever do will attract the same level of attention. As wonderful as it was, I bet Meghan and Harry are just a little relieved that it is over!

The Best Bits of the Royal Wedding

There were some particularly touching aspects to the royal wedding. I thought it was beautiful that Prince Harry, on the morning of the wedding, picked forget me knots, his Mum’s favourite flowers, for Meghan’s bouquet.

Of course the sermon delivered by The Most Reverend Michael Curry grabbed the news headlines around the world due to it’s unscripted content that raised issues such as slavery and human rights. He waxed lyrical in a passionate speech full of vim and vigour about the power of love.

Reverend Curry’s sermon was powerful. It caught the audience by surprise. But I think it did make us all stop and reflect on what love is and the importance of love in our lives. The Reverend reminded us that love is a gift that gives us strength and comfort. Without it, we suffer and are much diminished.

It would be fascinating to know when the Reverend started to speak if Meghan and Harry had any inkling of what was to come. His sermon certainly wasn’t a conventional one at a royal wedding.

The other special aspect to the wedding was, as with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, instead of receiving gifts, the couple requested that people make charitable donations. Meghan and Prince Harry named seven charities. The nominated charities ranged across a broad spectrum of social issues from environmental charities, to supporting children living with HIV, to helping children who have lost a parent while serving in the British Armed Forces, to helping the homeless, to supporting the empowerment of women in developing countries.

The Power of Love

It is wonderful that on the occasion of their marriage, this young couple chose to send their own message about the power of love and how all of us can do our own little bit to make the world a better place.