Coloured Diamond Rings

In this group you will see some of the fantastic fancy coloured diamond rings we have made over the years. As the name suggests, this is a category that contains ring designs that have a central diamond of colour. In the trade we call these “Fancy colour” diamonds.

Many different colour tones and shades are found in naturally coloured diamonds. Some are pale whilst others are very intense. Champagne, yellow, blue, pink, green and red diamonds all exist, rarity dictating cost.

The price can be quite reasonable for the light champagne type colours. However, we are in “sell your house” territory for natural diamonds with pink tones. It is even more costly for the super rare options like blue diamonds, for example.

We have been dealing in diamonds for over 35 years and are well connected to some of the largest producers of diamonds in the world. We are very experienced in finding coloured diamonds for our clients.

If it is a rare fancy coloured diamond that interests you, then custom making is likely to be the only way to achieve what you want. Coloured diamond rings in the rarer colours are not an off the shelf item. Finding the right diamond is the first step in the process. If you have a question in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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