“Tasia” Three stone cushion and pear shape diamond ring.


This beautiful engagement ring was (as with all our diamond rings) custom made for an Ellissi client.

At the centre is a 1.05ct. F/VS2 GIA certified cushion brilliant cut diamond, with two pear shape diamonds on either side.  It is a very large, impressive looking engagement ring.

The diamond sizes and grades in this engagement ring were selected to suit our client’s requirements and of course, their budget.  This ring could be made for different price brackets, simply by adjusting the size and/or grade of the diamonds used.

The “cushion brilliant” cut diamond featured in this engagement ring is considered to be the rolls royce of the various cushion cut diamonds.   The cushion brilliant is cut for optimum light refraction and sparkle, and the central faceting is the closest there is in the “fancy” shape diamonds (which is anything that is not round), to the round brilliant cut diamond.  But unfortunately, “cushion brilliant” cut diamonds are quite rare.

Standard cushion cuts (called “cushion modified brilliant” cut) are plentiful and can be very good, but there are many, many poorly cut examples as well.  As with all diamond selection, knowledge and expertise is essential to sort the good from the bad.

Style No: E7813