“Sylvia” Three-stone oval cut diamond ring.


This stunning three stone oval cut diamond engagement ring was made in 18ct. white gold and had at it’s centre a 0.96ct. D/SI1 GIA certified oval brilliant cut diamond.   It was set with with two matching oval cut diamonds in a trilogy layout.
As with all engagement rings made by Ellissi, this diamond ring was custom designed for a client of ours.  The diamond sizes and grades were particular to the client’s requirement and budget level.
This ring could be made with different size diamonds of differing quality to suit your budget.
With all diamonds, the quality of the cut is of crucial importance in how the diamond will look, and the oval cut diamond is no exception to this.  The faceting of an oval cut diamond can take many forms and there are no “rules” as to how they are cut.  This means that some oval cut diamonds appear to be dull and lifeless even though they may be high in colour and clarity, but their poor cut lets them down.
The best type of cut for an oval shape diamond for light refraction and sparkle is called an “oval brilliant” cut.  A well cut “oval brilliant” diamond is the optimum cut for this particular shape.
Good diamond selection requires a great deal of skill and expertise.  This is what we do at Ellissi – sourcing the best diamonds to make the most beautiful diamond engagement rings.

Style No: E7820