Pear Brilliant


Pear cut diamonds, often referred to as “pear shape” have been around for many, many years. In fact some of the oldest cut gems in the world have this general look. Being a tear drop type shape, it lends itself to pendants and drop earrings in particular, but can also be used as side diamonds in a three stone ring to compliment a central gemstone of suitable attributes.

As a main central diamond the pear shape is a bit less common, really this is because the shape is distinctive and quite difficult to work into various designs. It is perhaps best suited to a ring, if large enough, on its own as in a solitaire. It also works quite well in a halo cluster, with smaller diamonds surrounding the outer rim.

As the pear is in less demand than many of the more versatile diamond shapes like the round brilliant or cushion cut, the costs tend to be better grade for grade. Therefore, considering a pear cut can give scope for greater size for any given budget.

Style No: Pear Brilliant