“Janae” Rose and white gold Ceylon sapphire ring.


An 18 ct white gold and rose gold diamond and sapphire ring , custom made for a client.  This ring has a very intricate design with diamonds set on three sides of the band and a halo of diamond around the central Ceylon sapphire.

Coloured stone diamond rings are all about that central stone … it needs to be as this one is – fantastic.

This ring had a diamond content around 1.00 ct in total and a central sapphire over 1.00 ct.

This type of ring is always individual, because the gemstones are so unique. It is a great engagement ring option for those who want a bit of colour. Generally a sapphire ring of this type will be less costly than a full diamond ring of equal size.

The cost can vary of course, depending on how good the sapphire is. The supply of these top end sapphires is now very limited.

Style No: E6039