Ring Settings: Ring Designs With Different Setting Styles

This week we are looking at two very different ring settings. The first ring has a number of different setting styles within the same ring. The second is a simple setting with a twist.

Princess cut diamond ring, three stone featuring a variety of ring settings

Princess Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring

We set the central princess cut diamond in this ring in a “corner cap” setting.  Other names for this kind of setting are “picture frame” or an “L Shape” setting.  This is quite a heavy setting style, in which the setting itself is a great feature of the ring design. The setting really frames the diamond and also protects the sharp corners of the diamond from becoming knocked and damaged.

The two smaller princess cut diamonds on either side of the main stone are claw set. Again, the ring settings protect the corners of the diamond from potential damage. This is an important consideration in any ring setting for a princess cut diamond. The setting of the diamond should not leave the corners of the diamond exposed.

We set the round brilliant cut diamonds in the band in a scalloped micro claw. This forms a really pretty edge down the side of the band.

The round brilliant cut diamond in the side of the setting is bezel set. This is where a circle of gold surrounds the outer edge of the diamond. This really adds a gorgeous detail that can only be seen when the ring is viewed from the side. A kind of hidden surprise in the ring design!

We made this ring in 18ct. white gold. Of course if this is the design for you, we can make it in the metal colour of your choice.

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Round cut diamond set in a swooped curve

“Rubbed In” Ring Settings

This ring is set in a style that doesn’t really have a term that describes it adequately. It isn’t purely one setting type. We can say that it is “rim set” on each side, or “end set”, or “rubbed in”, but it isn’t actually any one of these ring settings.

The shoulder of the band is set to the east / west, leaving the diamond exposed in the north/south direction.

This beautiful ring design is so curvaceous. It really complements the round diamond cut beautifully, It is stylish and elegant in its simplicity. The swept around look adds considerable size to the diamond, making it appear to be much larger than it is.

We set this particular ring with a 0.55ct. round brilliant cut diamond at the centre. The setting style suits a diamond that is around a half a carat in weight, but of course we can make it with other diamond sizes too. This is a really gorgeous ring made in 18ct. white gold. I think it would look amazing in rose gold, yellow gold or platinum too.

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