How to Work out the Engagement Ring Finger Size

Working out the finger size for an engagement ring is pretty easy if everyone is in the loop on the ring purchase.  The ring finger is on the left hand and is the finger next to the little finger ( just so the guys know ).

If the person receiving the ring knows all about the ring’s imminent arrival then the finger can be measured, either by a jeweller near you or by using a ring that fits the finger in question and taking a measurement of the INNER  diameter of that ring.  It needs to be accurate, so a millimetre measurement is best and you need to be as exact as possible.  A typical mm size for the engagement ring finger would be 16.5 or 17.2 etc., on average.

You can work out this measurement by placing the ring over the top of a ruler and reading the inside measurement at the midpoint.  If it is easier, take a couple of photos like below then email them to us, we can work it out.

The best plan is to photograph a ring that you know is from a specific finger we need to know this. If possible the closest to the engagement ring will be the same finger on the right hand. Failing that any ring that you can tell us specifically, which finger it is from. Still a bit of a guess but this can get us close.

If the ring does not look round?  Then the measurements taken in two directions may be needed.  Along the axis, north, south and east, west.  If this is done, we can then calculate an average measurement.  Remember to be as accurate as possible, or simply send us the photo.

If you have the tools, a vernier gauge would be better, but if not just use a good quality ruler. A metal ruler is best not a kids plastic one, as these are often not correct.

We can resize the ring later, so don’t panic if it is not 100 % correct first go.

Engagement Ring Finger Size
Engagement Ring Finger Size
It is possible for us to send you a measuring gauge to test your partner’s finger size, but your partner will still need to test this in person. so you can’t sneak about in the dead of night with it!

How Do We Get The Finger Size if the Proposal is a Surprise?

If the ring is to be a total surprise then this gets a little tricky.   You can take the mm size from a ring that they wear, as above , BUT you need to make sure the ring is from the correct  finger for the engagement ring (unlikely because girls seldom put a ring on that finger until it is “The One”).   If this cannot be done, the next best thing to do is take a ring that she wears on the ring finger on the right hand and measure this.

If the person is right handed then the right-hand ring finger is likely to be one size larger than the actual engagement ring finger, so we get this mm size and adjust it down slightly.

Knowing which finger the ring you are measuring is usually worn on, is crucial. If it is not the ring finger, we can still use the measurement if we need to, but there is a bit more guesswork involved, so this will not be as accurate.

If you have no idea of the finger size and have no way to work it out either by seconding a friend or family member to assist in the mission, or by any of the methods above, then we will need to make a complete guess based on the general build of the person, or maybe a photo of their hand if you have one.   This is unlikely to be correct, so the other options would be better.  However, if it is the only way… so be it.

Generally about 98 % of engagement rings can be re-sized without any issues, and it is likely that most rings will need to have this done at some stage over the years, so it is not critical that the ring is the correct size on day one.   However it would be best if it were close, and even better if it is exactly right on the day it is presented.

Good luck, and if you would like us to send out a finger sizing gauge, please just let us know.