Diamond Ring Settings

In our last blog, “engagement ring settings” we had a look at a few different types of diamond ring settings, namely claw set, tiger claw set, shared claw set and grain set. And I couldn’t resist showing you a setting style popular in the seventies, where the main diamond was set using really, really long claws – an absolute skyscraper! Just as all fashions change, so too do ring designs. Many fashions come and go, and get recycled, but that is one that I definitely hope doesn’t come around again!

Different Diamond Ring Settings: Bezel, Micro Claw and Channel

This week we will have a look at some very different setting styles: channel set, bezel set and micro claw set.
Bezel and Micro Claw Diamond Ring Settings

This ring has a pear cut diamond at the centre. When you have your ring custom made, the diamond ring settings can be tailored to suit your tastes. In this case, the client wanted a heavier bezel setting around the pear cut than is usual. The bezel setting is a rim of metal that surrounds the diamond. The bezel is a big feature in this ring design. Of course, when you have your own custom design the bezel thickness can be made thinner, if that is your preference. The bezel is fully polished, so the emphasis really is on the metal in this ring.

The pear cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds. The setting in the halo is what is called “micro claw”. Micro claw is, as the name suggests, the tiniest of claws holding the small diamonds in place.



Channel Setting Princess Cut Diamonds and Black Diamonds

Two different versions of channel set diamond ring settings with princess cut diamonds and black diamonds This ring shows two versions of the same diamond ring settings. Both sets of diamonds are channel set, but in different ways.

The first setting with the white princess cut diamonds is flush with the ring itself. The ring has to be a certain thickness in order to accommodate the depth of the diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are quite deep, so this is a fairly thick, chunky ring.

The second setting has round black diamonds that are channel set in a raised wall.

Great Care is Required When Channel Setting Diamonds

As with all channel setting, the diamonds are very close to each other, but they shouldn’t touch, as this can cause them to break. It is the edge of the channel wall that holds the diamond in place. The channel must be very precisely cut for the individual diamonds, as otherwise they will rattle around in the setting.