Diamond Ring Design in Melbourne

Many clients who contact us already have a clear idea of what it is that they want for their engagement ring. They have worked out the design, the diamond shape and the size and grade of diamond that they prefer. The trouble is, they have not been able to find what they want ready made in a shop. Or if they have, the quality of the ring and/or the diamond is not as good as it should be. This is the beauty of having your engagement ring custom made. We can make the diamond ring design that you want. We can also select the best diamonds available to suit your budget level. Although our studio workshop is in Melbourne, many of our clients are from interstate and overseas. Having a ring custom made is not something that has to be done face to face.

Working out the Ring Design

Diamond ring design inspired by a schematic of the Eiffel Tower
This ring was designed to incorporate some elements of the Eiffel Tower

Other clients have little or no idea what they like or what will work best for the budget they have. Often what we suggest in this case, is to go and look at engagement rings in shops and try a few on. This can be very helpful, even if it is just to work out what elements of a design you do not like. Of course with custom made rings, we can tailor the ring design and diamond selection to suit your budget and your likes and dislikes. You are not restricted to the design elements and the diamond that is already in a ready made ring.

Diamond Shape

Perhaps the best starting point when thinking of a diamond ring design is to think of the general shape diamond that you prefer. Then consider the different cut types that appeal to you most. So for example, if you like a square diamond, you can look at princess cut diamonds, a square radiant cut or a cushion cut diamond. If you prefer a less faceted stone, you could consider an asscher cut diamond.

Diamond Ring Design

The design is the next stage. Do you prefer the simple, classic style of the solitaire? Or perhaps a halo cluster, diamonds in the shoulder, or a highly detailed antique style ring? Some designs require a certain size diamond for the scale and proportion of the ring design to work. Other designs can be made in a larger or smaller scale to suit different budget levels.

If it is a bigger looking ring that you want, a halo cluster is a great way to achieve some size to the ring. You can do this without having to have a large central diamond. Of course when choosing a diamond, it is always best to have a good balance in the quality elements. This will produce a far better outcome for the ring rather than if you just focus on size alone. Size at the expense of quality is a mistake if you want a great looking ring. With a halo cluster, it is possible to have a sizeable ring and still maintain the quality elements you want in the central diamond.

The Design and Ring Making Process

Once you have settled on the diamond and the elements of a design, we can do a sketch of the ring. From there, we can make changes it you like to get the diamond ring design just right. Actually making the ring takes us around two to three weeks, depending on the design and our workload at the time. Of course we have all our rings independently valued, so this takes a few days too.

A custom made ring takes a little longer than buying off the shelf, but it is worth it if you want a ring that is unique, great quality and of course meets your budget too.