Radiant Cut Diamond ( Square )

The Radiant cut diamond is like a hybrid diamond cut as it combines a few elements of other existing cut types. The general exterior shape is like a square emerald cut diamond, but it has a far greater number of facets. The cut itself has more the look of the princess cut diamond, without the corners. Although it looks like a close relative of the princess cut diamond, it is not generally faceted in exactly the same way.

Square Radiant Cut Diamond
Radiant Cut Diamond

Shown here is the Square type of Radiant Cut Diamond. These are a little less common than the more usual rectangular versions of the cut, also featured on this site.

The GIA gives this diamond cut a name on its certificates that is a bit of a mouthful: “Cut-Cornered Square Modified Brilliant”. This is a detailed way to describe the specific way the diamond is cut. In the diamond trade we simply use the term “Radiant Cut” to describe this particular diamond cut.

Cut Variations in the Radiant Cut Diamond.

There are a number of variants in this cut design, so don’t assume all are the same. The configuration of the faceting on these diamonds can vary from diamond to diamond. There is no “rule” that applies to the way the cut should be faceted.

From a ring design point of view, these diamonds are often used in halo rings and are very suitable in “Art Deco” styles, having a very geometric outer shape. It is a cut type better suited as a centre stone in a ring.  

If your choice of design is a ring featuring three stones with Radiant cut diamonds, it is very important to match the cut of the three stones rather than be concerned so much about matching colour and clarity. If we can get all three diamonds within one grade of each other, that is considered acceptable. For example selecting matching diamonds from VS1-2 clarity and D-E colour. Matching the cut is really important as the three stones will be viewed side by side when they are in the ring. If the cuts vary too much, the ring will look odd.

Colour is enhanced in Radiant Cut Diamonds.

Often the radiant cut is one that is employed by cutters of coloured diamonds because this cut can enhance colour. For this reason care must be taken not to select a colour grade that is too low, especially if it is a white diamond you require and are setting it into a very white metal like platinum.