Cushion Cut Halo Ring

We’ve been adding some beautiful new rings to our website this week. There are a lot to choose from and we still have many more to add in the coming weeks. All of them are outstanding rings, which makes selecting which ones to feature always difficult! The one we have shown here is what we call “Elise”, a gorgeous cushion cut halo ring. Cushion cut halo ring set with round brilliant cut diamonds in the halo and band

At Elise’s heart, is a 1.24ct. Cushion Brilliant cut diamond. These are the absolute best of the best when it comes to cushion cuts. In fact we will go as far as to say Cushion brilliants are the “Rolls Royce” of cushion cuts. The reason this is the case, is because the Cushion Brilliant is as close as you can get to the perfection of an excellent cut round brilliant cut diamond.

When you see an “Excellent” cut round diamond you are in fact looking at the mathematically best cut you can have for diamond performance.  The proportions of the excellent cut maximise the diamond’s ability to sparkle. However, beautiful as they are, not everyone wants a round diamond! They do however, still want the best sparkle from whichever diamond shape that they choose. This is where the cushion brilliant comes into its own. The cut’s precision and cut proportion follow that of the round brilliant. You can see in the photo the great looking cut of this diamond. This ensures fantastic light refraction and of course maximum sparkle! You can also see in this photo, the cut shares the same 8 pointed star pattern of the round brilliant.

 A Cushion Cut Halo Ring: Great Size for Weight!

One other thing that makes these beautiful diamond very special… size. Weight for weight this type of cushion can be around 15 % larger that than standard cushion type, and they are generally a better price than the round brilliant too.

This diamond is set at the corners with what we call “tiger claws”. These claws have a soft rounded shape that taper towards the centre of the diamond. Tiger claws are a great way to set this stone, as the shape really compliments the soft square of the cushion cut.

Diamonds in the halo and down the ring band in this design are held in place with a “micro claw” setting. We carve each setting by hand and form the gold into a small claw to hold the diamond in place.

This cushion cut halo ring really stands out from the crowd. It’s all about great diamond selection and superb workmanship. Really, really important if you want a great looking ring. For more details about this beautiful ring, click on this link: “Elise”.