Amazing Engagement Ring Find

The news is often full of stories of the latest celebrity to be swanning around Hollywood sporting an amazing engagement ring. It seems that each ring is bigger and better than the one before it. Where can it end I ask myself? But what has struck me in the news this week are some incredible lost and found stories. The latest being an amazing engagement ring find in the Simpson Desert!

Yes, you heard it right! A woman lost her ring in the desert, and it was found some time later (months) by a lovely couple who handed it in to the police. And with the power of social media (Facebook), the ring was claimed by its owner within the space of eight hours!

The reason the ring fell off was due to the finger swelling up and down due to the lady being pregnant. The couple were on a “babymoon”, exploring the desert before the birth of the baby in September. What an incredible story! Certainly one that they will be able to tell their children when they grow up…

Amazing Engagement Ring Lost and Found Stories

And when I delved further into this, this amazing engagement ring find is just the latest of many, many stories. Can you believe that a couple managed to find an engagement ring that they had accidentally lost in the Coosa River in Alabama! A few days after it was lost they employed the help of a scuba diver to find the ring. Unbelievably he managed to do so within the space of twenty or thirty minutes! This was despite the fact that there was absolutely no visibility in the river at all!

Perhaps one of the most lovely stories of all is of a woman who had been given an engagement ring but didn’t know it! Her fiancé-to-be had hand-carved a beautiful wooden necklace for her. She had worn for the necklace for a year without knowing that she had an engagement ring around her neck! Not really a lost and found story, as she never actually lost it. But a really beautiful “found” story when the secret was revealed and her fiancé finally proposed.

I’m sure for every feel good story like these, there are many that don’t end so well…So the moral of the story is please take care of your jewels!