“Sublime” 2.20 carat Asscher cut diamond ring.


This is as good as it gets in an Asscher cut diamond This a custom designed and made ring for a client. It has at it’s centre a 2.20 ct  GIA certified diamond. Usually called an “Asscher Cut”, in fact it is more correctly called a square emerald cut, because that is what it is, and also what the GIA certification will state.

Being one of the fancy cut diamond types the cut can vary, this one is perfect in a very high grade, as I think you can see, excellent cut.

At 2.20 ct you can expect that the cost is going to be at a level above 25 K if its is as good as this one, however it is possible to find these diamonds in all sizes and grades,  so this type of design can be made with a range of diamond sizes from around 0.80 ct.

To go smaller than that will require a single row shoulder, as split shoulder will be too wide, however still a possibility.

The emerald type cuts are very clear and clean looking, so it is vital that the clarity grade not be too low, in most cases VS2 as a minimum, GIA certified.

Style No: E5745