Cushion Modified Brilliant ( Square )


Cushion cut diamonds vary greatly in proportion. The one thing that all cushion cuts have in common is that the outer edge, called the girdle, is a soft square or rectangular shape. Aside from the common outer shape, the rest of the arrangement of facets could be pretty much whatever the cutter of the diamond decides is the best combination for the specific diamond crystal he is dealing with. It is for this reason that some cushion cut diamonds can be really fantastic looking and some really very, very poor looking to the eye. Some of the typical issues that can be seen in less well cut diamonds are things like an over duplication of refraction. This is like a of hall of mirrors effect that has gone too far, creating a diamond that looks like it has a crushed ice at it’s heart, or the look of a shattered windscreen. It is precisely because of this variation in cut, that “fancy cut ” diamonds such as these are not given a cut grade assessment by certifying labs like the GIA. Simply there are just too many variations of cut.

The cushion diamond also needs careful attention to be paid to the way the colour is affected by the cut of the diamond. It is no accident that this diamond shape is very often used for coloured diamonds, simply because the cut gives rise to additional tint within the stone, a good thing for pink or yellow diamonds, not so good if your decision is to have a white diamond. It is not that you cant get a great looking white cushion, it is just that more care is needed to get it right, staying close to the top colour grades is advisable.

Style No: Standard Square Cushion
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