Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Rose gold is enormously popular at the moment. More and more couples are asking us to make their rings in pink gold, either by featuring it in the setting or in the band. We are also making a lot of rings completely in rose gold too.

This is a rose gold solitaire set with a round brilliant cut diamondRose Gold Solitaire: “Rosy”

Shown here is another fantastic ring we added to the site this week.  We made this ring in all 18ct. rose gold. The band is unusual in that it is smooth and round with a beaded ridge in the middle.

The diamond is held in place by a bezel setting. The setting is hand beaded. A special beading tool is used to create the tiny beads. The correct pressure must be applied to form each individual bead. One slip of my hand, and the whole setting is ruined!

It is a tricky job to get this beading right. You really need to be able to see well so I do all this setting with a special set of magnifying jeweller’s goggles. I have to work really, really carefully to produce this great level of detail. Everything we do in jewellery making is on such a small scale, so magnification and a steady hand is necessary!

If you would like some further details on this ring, click on the following link: “Rosy”. Remember that as we are custom ring makers, all the rings you see on the site, or any design that you have in mind can be made in rose gold, if that is your preferred colour.

Rose gold is a great metal choice. It is an alloy of pure yellow gold and copper. It does not require the same level of maintenance that white gold does in order to maintain its colour. Depending on how well you look after your engagement ring, a clean and polish is recommended every 18 months or so, during which time we also check all the settings to see that you have not damaged them through day to day wear and tear.