“Medea” Three-stone Emerald cut diamond ring.


18 ct white gold 3 stone emerald cut diamond ring, custom made for a client.

Critical to this design is diamond selection, the cut and ratio of the diamonds in this emerald cut diamond type is seldom the same, finding three perfectly matching diamonds of this type requires care and attention to detail.

As is demonstrated here the result is fantastic when done correctly. This ring has at its centre a 0.90 ct emerald cut diamond, flanked with 2 x 0.35 ct matched side diamonds.

A high clarity grade in this type of cut is also desired , as the simple faceting of the emerald cut is unforgiving in the lower grades.

With a total diamond weight of 1.60 ct this is a stunning ring with elegant understated lines.

As each set of emerald cut diamond is different, the total weight and cost can vary, however in the VS range in clarity and F colour the ring will come into a price range around $8,500  (as displayed, at the time of publishing).  Having a central diamond that is just under the 1.00 ct threshold helps lower the cost without sacrificing the diamonds physical size in the ring.

Emerald cut diamond are often well priced when compared to other diamond types , so you can often get a better outcome in an emerald cut than would otherwise be possible in the more commonly cut diamond types such as round brilliant.

Style No: E5468