“Anatola” 1.01 carat Round Brilliant cut solitaire.


This design has been replicated a few times with differing diamond sizes and grades at the centre , making it one of those rings that fits to a number of differing price levels, exact numbers always depends on a clients requirements as far as the balance between size and grade is concerned.

Shown here is a 1.01 E/SI1, a high level SI1 with EX EX EX ( Excellent ) in Cut, Polish and Symmetry. This puts this example in the 10 K plus area.

Additional diamonds are set into the band and shoulder to the half way point, on three sides in an antique “mille grain” form, because we custom make our rings, we can set this ring with diamonds only on the top section of the band, which can then either save some cost, or give more of the budget over to the central diamond.

Costs on this design could range from $6,000 depending on the diamonds selection and final weight, dropping the central diamond size, for example, back to around 0.75 ct can produce a fantastic ring and would be my preference over a larger low grade diamond, however in the end the client always has the final say in the grade level for them, we just work on options that are within budget.

Critical to all diamond selection is sound advice. E4995


Style No: E4995