“Anastasia” Pear shape diamond halo design ring.


This ring has at its centre a “Pear Brilliant” cut diamond, these are surprisingly large looking weight for weight if compared to other more common diamond cuts. This is because generally these diamonds are shallower at the back , as a result you get more spread of diamond across the top of the setting.

With all diamonds, cut is critical, this is especially important in fancy cut diamonds like the Pear shape, many poor looking examples can be found, and put into rings, the selection is very important in making the best of this  diamond cut.

Shown in this ring is a 0.89 ct diamond,  a clients ring now completed, with a halo of smaller round brilliant cut diamonds.

This is a ring that would fall into the $5,000 – 7,000 area at this size, and of course possibly less if the diamond size were reduced.

The “Pear Brilliant” is a quite under uitilised diamond option, mainly due to the restrictions placed on the ring designs from the distinctive shape of the cut, however for those who love the shape, it is a great value option in a less commonly used diamond type.

Style No: E4978