Diamond Studs

Diamond studs can be made in many sizes and cut types, although generally speaking a symmetrical cut shape works best. This is because the studs can (and usually do) rotate in the ear.

The most commonly used diamond type for studs would be the round brilliant cut diamond. However, Asscher, Princess and Cushion cuts are all possible options.

As diamonds are pretty costly and you need two of them for studs, it is often the case that a slightly lesser grade of diamond would be used than would ordinarily be the case for an engagement ring. This decision still needs to be carefully assessed, however dropping the grades can help gain the required size and hopefully meet the budget requirement too.

Diamond Studs Sizes.

Diamond Studs 0.10 ct - 0.30 ct
Matching Stones for diamond studs

With round brilliant cut diamond studs, a suitable diamond grade would be in the area of G/H and SI1, possibly a very carefully selected SI2. The best diamond size would be around 0.20 – 0.40 ct , although we have made diamond studs above 1.00 ct. Very large sizes tend to be a bit heavy and drop forward, especially if the ear piecing is a little elongated from previously worn heavy earrings.

A good balance is perhaps in the 0.35 ct area, which would be around 4.5 mm, most commonly set in to 18 ct white gold 4 claw settings. This will give a reasonable size and keep the cost down to some extent.

Great care needs to be taken when it comes to the earring fitting – quality backs are a good idea as earrings are the number one lost item of jewellery.

For a great looking pair of stud earrings it is likely you will need a budget between $1,500 and $3,000, if you want the earrings to be of a reasonable size. The cost of studs of course is based on the diamond specifics, the grades and weight of the diamonds. It is best to set a budget and then assess the relative grade for size level it accommodates.

As with all diamond jewellery purchases, good advice helps.