Diamond Ring Designs: Channel and Bezel Settings

In this series we have been looking at different diamond ring designs, and in particular different ways of setting diamonds. In this article, I want to look at ring setting styles that are perfect if you love smooth, clean lines in a ring.

Diamond Ring Designs with Channel Settings

Black diamond and princess cut diamond channel set wedding ringThe first of these diamond ring designs features two different versions of channel setting for the different cuts of diamond in the ring.

The white princess cut diamonds are set flush with the top of the ring. The ring itself must be reasonably thick with this kind of setting. It must have enough room to accommodate the depth of the diamond. This is particularly the case with princess cut diamonds, as they are quite deep at the back. If the ring doesn’t have a sufficient wall thickness, the diamonds will dig into your finger and there is potential for them to be damaged.

The round black diamonds are channel set in a raised wall. Diamond ring designs that are channel set must be made so that the channel is cut precisely for the diamonds that they are to be set with.

If the setting is too big, the diamonds can rattle around in the setting. If it is too small, the diamonds may break if they are held too tightly.

The diamond setter sets the diamonds so that they are very close together, but preferably not touching, as this can also cause them to break. It is actually the edge of the channel wall that holds the diamond in place. This is why it is very important that the channel be cut to just the right size.

Ring Design With a Partial Bezel Setting

Diamond ring designs like this one featuring a partial bezel setting The key feature of unique diamond ring designs such as this gorgeous pear cut cognac diamond engagement ring, is the setting style. The setting is an integral part of the smooth, flowing lines of the ring.

In this ring design, the diamond is set on its side, in a partial bezel setting. The metal curves round the diamond and down to the polished edge of the grain set white diamonds. The pointy end of the pear cut diamond is protected by the setting.

A partial bezel setting wraps around the diamond, but not completely. In order to hold the diamond securely, the bezel needs to cover more than half the diamond. As a general rule, the setting needs to to cover about two thirds of the diamond’s circumference. This can be in a flowing bezel such as in we see in this ring here, or it can be a partial bezel setting on each side of the diamond.

Diamond ring designs all vary greatly. The setting style is of course an intrinsic part of the overall look of the ring. As always, it is critical is that the ring be well made. And that the diamond setter is highly skilled, so that the diamonds are held securely. The last thing you want is to have diamonds falling out of your engagement ring!

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